Group News

4-2010: Nathan Konopliv, Otto Ho and Yu-Fan Shih join the group. Welcome!

4-2010: Hyunwoo advances to candidacy- congratulations!

3-2010: Lauren passes her 2nd year chemistry exam. Congrats!

1-2010: Albert's paper gets published in Nature Nanotechnology. See press release here pdf

1-2010: Welcome Alan Toledo to the group!

12-2009: Group awarded funding from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

9-2009: Hyunwoo and Ju Hun pass their literature exam Congratulations!

9-2009: Matt Nakatsuka and Phyllis Xu join the group. Welcome to both!

7-2009: Jen awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award (2009-2011)

7-2009: Hyunwoo's manuscript accepted for press in ACS Nano.

7-2009: Co-authored manuscript accepted for press in Nature Nanotechnology.

7-2009: Joo Hye (Jade) Lee joins the group- welcome!

7-2009: Group awarded funding from the National Science Foundation (CMMI division) for 3 years.

5-2009: Jen awarded the UCSD Hellman Faculty Fellow award.

4-2009: Emi Nakayama joins the group- welcome!

2-2009: Group awarded funding from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) on sub-10nm lithographic patterning for 2 years. We gratefully acknowledge the funding from ONR.

1-2009: Group awarded campus funding from academic senate. Thank you!

1-2009: Lauren Forbes and Albert Hung join the group!

11-2008: Yue Shi joins the group. Welcome!

9-2008: Ju Hun Lee and Hyunwoo Noh join the group- welcome to both!


Winter 2010: CENG 102, Thermodynamics

Fall 2009: CENG 212, Intermolecular Forces, Tues Thur 9:30-11

Winter 2009: CENG 208, Nanofabrication